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Critical Fall Heights and Shock-Absorbent Products

Along with shock-absorbent surfacing systems for playgrounds, we offer a wide range of safe playground accessories.

Our Play Tiles provide outstanding absorption of impact shock and protect against serious head injuries. As playground equipment is available in various heights, we offer a wide range of shock-absorbent surfacing slabs for any fall height requirement.

RubberLok Play Tiles and safety surfaces are available in a wide range of critical fall heights – allowing you to select the protection required for specific playground equipment.

Shock Absorption Testing of Impact Protection Slabs

The European standard EN 1177 defines requirements and test procedures for shock-absorbent surfacing systems. These regulations specify use of shock-absorbent surfaces when expected fall heights exceed 60 cm. Impact protection slabs are tested and certified in accordance with EN 1177, the valid standard in the EU today.

This standard evaluates shock absorption performance by the HIC (Head Injury Criterion) test procedure. The HIC test method, rates fall impact by measurement of multiaxial deceleration. Kinetic energy at impact is another parameter of critical importance as shown by experimental findings.

In this procedure, a standardised test head equipped with highly sensitive acceleration sensors undergoes free fall and impact on the surface evaluated. The test head is 160 mm in diameter and has a weight of 4.6 kg.

The recorded test data and measurements are processed for calculation of HIC values. HIC values of 1000 and above indicate impact correlating to serious head injuries. The test is run on four interconnecting slabs arranged in a square configuration. Nine individual trials are run, determining critical fall heights at various points on the surface tested including slab centres, slab seams and the crossing point of the two slab seams. The minimum fall height of all 9 trials causing an HIC of 1000 is taken for use in the calculations.

The test can be carried out on installed slabs while in place. The result of the calculations is the permissible fall height of the system tested in accordance with EN 1177.