Faq's - RubberLok

Who are Rubberlok.co.uk?

The company was started over 25 years ago and has grown and adapted over time especially in the recent economic downturn. We pride ourselves on service and quality, striving to give our customers the best service.

Where are Rubberlok.co.uk based?

Unit 2 & 3, Dunstall Park Rd, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8HJ

How quickly can I receive the goods once ordered?

We endeavour to have all orders dispatched within 5 working days with a transport company and will be able to be tracked throughout the delivery process.

Are all the tiles interlocking?

The Safety Slabs in 30mm, 40mm & 50mm and the Sports Slab 40mm are interlocking

How do the interlocking tiles work?

They are laid in sequence and have a dowel system that connects the tiles and are hidden from view once installed.

What are the tiles made of?

Recycled rubber and an adhesive using high pressure to bond and shape each tile.

What are critical fall heights?

The Critical Fall Heights are the distance a child/person can fall from onto our surface and for it to not be critical, for a full list you can see our technical section

How durable are the tiles?

The tiles are extremely durable. Once the tiles are laid they can withstand all weather conditions without deteriorating. If installed indoors, they will withstand heavy footfall and even be used in free weight areas in gyms.

Are there other colours available?

Yes there are a full range of colours available upon special request. If you are interested please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to help you with your query.

What surface are the tiles/mats to be installed on?

The tiles/mats can be installed on any level surface. For more instructions please see our technical section for installation guidelines for each product.

Is there a guarantee on the products I buy?

The products will be fully guaranteed upon purchase and will cover you for a full 2 years.

Do the products conform to European safety standards?

All products have undergone rigorous testing and conform to the highest safety standards, with certificates to match.

How is drainage affected by the installation of the tiles?

The design of the tiles allows water to flow beneath them unimpeded by the tile itself. When installed the rubber surface will allow water that has pooled to drain through the tiles and flow away beneath them.