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Rubberlok is the brand name for the sports and safety flooring range of products that sit within the Celuplast portfolio. For 15 years now Celuplast has represented Kraiburg Ltd in the UK and Ireland. Kraiburg is the German manufacturer of many sports and safety products and apart from having several production companies throughout Europe; it markets its products all over the world. Celuplast ltd is extremely proud of our association with Company Kraiburg and our relationship has gone from strength to strength over the years.

At Celuplast we first saw the potential for sports and safety flooring with the expansion of the crèche industry in Ireland the late 1990’s. For a period of time a government grant became available to crèche owners to upgrade their facilities to European standards. This combined with legislation compelling childcare facilities to provide children within their care with a minimum time spent outdoors each day saw the need for our products grow exponentially. Sales of Rubberlok took off in the UK around the same time and since then Celuplast has been the market leader in this field.

Over the years Celuplast has added various complimentary products to the Rubberlok range including Grass Grids, Safagrass, Utility mats and Gym Mats. Though often copied, the Rubberlok range of products is unrivalled in this industry and rightfully retains its market leader status.

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